Nutrition Tools and Calculators

Nutrition Facts Search Tool - Know what you are eating, find and display nutrition info.

Nutrition Facts Comparison Tool - Which food is best? Compare up to 3 foods side by side. For example Brown Rice Vs. White Rice Vs. Quinoa.

Nutrient Ranking Tool - Rank foods by food groups to find out which have the most or least of any nutrient. Ranking by nutrient ratios is also possible.

Amino Acid Calculator - Add the amino acid content of up to 3 foods together to get the total amount of calories, grams of protein, and essential amino acids. For example, see the total amino acid profile for 1 cup of green peas, 1 cup of corn, and 1 cup of kidney beans.

Flat File Data Spreadsheet - Get all foods and nutrient data in a Google sheet.

BMI Weight Loss Calculator - This calculator uses your height and weight to give you a target weight. It helps you set a goal and gives you a rough idea of how many calories you need to burn each day to reach your ideal weight.

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