The History of Nutrition

A timeline of major discoveries in the science of nutrition.

1747 - James Lind discovers that fresh oranges and lemons prevent scurvy

1830 - Adolphe Quetelet creates the Body Mass Index (BMI)

1912 - Kazimierz Funk creates the concept of a vitamin

1920 - George Minot, William Murphy, and George Whipple find that liver and liver extracts are a cure for pernicious anemia, a precursor to the discovery of vitamin B12

1929 - Henrik Dam Discovers Vitamin K

1934 - Clive McCay Discovers that Calorie Restriction Extends Life-Span in Rats

1936 - Harold Himsworth classifies type II (insulin resistant) diabetes

1949 - Charles Burnett characterizes the milk-alkali syndrome caused by excess intake of calcium and alkali

1956 - Denham Harman proposes the free radical theory of aging

1997 - The International Agency for Research on Cancer concludes that a diet high in fruits and vegetables reduces cancer risk

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