50 Breakfast Cereals Lowest in Sugar

Commercial ready to eat breakfast cereals started off with good intentions, intending to be highly nutritious meals for people on the go and with little time to prepare a larger or more wholesome breakfast. While the forces of capitalism have largely caused breakfast cereals to become so laden with sugar they might make better desserts, there are still a few healthy options available.

In general, hot cereals cooked only with water tend to have the lowest amount of sugar, higher amounts of fiber, and are more likely to help you keep full throughout the day. Commercial ready to eat cereals can also be good choices. If you are looking to limit sugar consider eating your cereal with unsweetened soymilk or unsweetened almond milk which only contain 1g or less of sugar, vs 1 cup of dairy milk which contains 12.5 grams of sugar per cup!

Cereals low in sugar include Quaker Puffed Rice, Cream of Wheat, Cream of Rice, Puffed Millet, Grits, Kashi 7 Grain Puffs, Quaker Puffed Wheat, General Mills Fiber One, and Post Shredded Wheat N Bran. For more, see the full list of 50 cereals low in sugar (less than 5.5 grams of sugar per serving).

Looking to add more flavor to your cereal, but not too much sugar? Check out our article on low sugar fruits. Looking to add more protein? Check out our article on nuts highest in protein.

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List of 50 Low Sugar Cereals

#NameServingSugarCaloriesNet Carbs
1Quaker Puffed Rice 3/4 cup (14g)0g5412.1g
2Cream Of Wheat (Cooked) 1 cup (1 serving) (251g)0.1g12625.2g
3Cream Of Rice (Cooked) 1 cup (244g)0.1g12727.6g
4Puffed Millet 1 cup (21g)0.1g7416.2g
5Grits (Cornmeal) (Cooked) 1 cup (233g)0.2g15130.7g
6Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs 1 cup (19g)0.2g6413.4g
7Quaker Puffed Wheat 1 cup (15g)0.2g5510g
8General Mills Fiber One 1/2 cup (30g)0.3g6211.4g
9Post Shredded Wheat N Bran Spoon-Size 1 (1/4) cup (59g)0.4g20038.9g
10Post Shredded Wheat Original Spoon-Size 1 cup (49g)0.4g17233.8g
11Oatmeal (Cooked) 1 cup (234g)0.6g16624.1g
12Uncle Sam Cereal 3/4 cup (55g)0.9g19025g
13Ralston Tasteeos 1 cup (28g)1g10018.1g
14Kelloggs Rice Krispies Gluten Free 1 cup (30g)1.1g11123.9g
15General Mills Cherrios 1 cup (28g)1.2g10517.9g
16Farina (Cooked) 1 cup (240g)1.8g12724.3g
17Weetabix Whole Grain Cereal 2 biscuits (35g)2g13024.5g
18General Mills Rice Crunchins 1 bowl (3/4 cup) (21g)2g8016g
19Ralston Corn Flakes 1 cup (28g)2.2g10023.9g
20General Mills Rice Chex 1 cup (27g)2.2g10122.4g
21Rice Crisps (Includes All Commodity Brands) 1 cup (28g)2.3g10723.9g
22Malt-O-Meal Crispy Rice 1 (1/4) cup (33g)2.6g11428.4g
23Kelloggs Corn Flakes 1 cup (28g)2.7g10022.6g
24Kashi 7 Whole Grain Nuggets 1/2 cup (58g)2.9g20640.2g
25Ralston Corn Biscuits 1 cup (NLEA serving) (30g)2.9g11025g
26General Mills Kix 1 (1/4) cup (30g)2.9g10722.2g
27General Mills Fiber One (80 Calories) Honey Squares 3/4 cup (30g)3.2g7414g
28Kelloggs Rice Krispies 1 (1/4) cup (33g)3.3g12627.9g
29General Mills Corn Chex 1 cup (31g)3.4g11524.9g
30Natures Path Organic Flax Plus Flakes 3/4 cup (30g)3.7g10517.6g
31Kelloggs Crispix 1 cup (29g)3.7g11025g
32Kelloggs Special K 1 cup (31g)3.9g11722.3g
33Ralston Crisp Rice 1 (1/4) cup (33g)4g13028.2g
34Ralston Crispy Hexagons 1 cup (29g)4g11024.7g
35General Mills Wheaties 3/4 cup (27g)4.1g9519.8g
36Post Grape-Nuts Flakes 3/4 cup (29g)4.4g10920.8g
37General Mills Wheat Chex 3/4 cup (47g)4.8g16232.9g
38Kelloggs All-Bran Original 1/2 cup (31g)4.9g8013.9g
39General Mills Whole Grain Total 3/4 cup (30g)4.9g9619.7g
40Quaker Mothers Toasted Oat Bran Cereal 3/4 cup (32g)5g11921.4g
41Ralston Enriched Wheat Bran Flakes 1 serving (NLEA serving size = 0.75 cup) (29g)5g9018.2g
42Barbaras Puffins Original 3/4 cup (27g)5g9017.7g
43Post Grape-Nuts Cereal 1/2 cup (58g)5.1g20939.1g
44Kashi Heart To Heart Honey Toasted Oat 3/4 cup (33g)5.1g12021.4g
45Kashi Heart To Heart Warm Cinnamon 3/4 cup (33g)5.2g12021.5g
46General Mills Fiber One 80 Calories Chocolate Squares 3/4 cup (30g)5.2g7614.6g
47Kelloggs All-Bran Complete Wheat Flakes 3/4 cup (29g)5.5g9518.6g
48Post Bran Flakes 3/4 cup (30g)5.6g9818.7g
49Quaker Crunchy Bran 3/4 cup (27g)5.6g8918.5g
50General Mills Dulce De Leche Cheerios 3/4 cup (27g)5.6g10220.2g
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How much sugar do breakfast cereals contain on average?

The average serving of cereal contains 9 grams of sugar.
25% of those will contain 6 grams or less.

50% will contain 9.3 grams or less.

25% will contain 12 grams or more.

All brands of raisin bran contain a lot of sugar, with 18-19 grams per cup. However, granolas and Familia's granola in particular, can contain even more with an astounding 28 grams of sugar per cup. See more high sugar cereals to avoid.

What can I do to reduce my sugar intake in cereals?

Try making your own hot cereal at home. Check labels for instant oatmeals, as they can often have a lot of added sugars. Your best choice is to buy whole cereals. Making oatmeal is really easy and should not take more than 5 minutes. See our step by step guide for how to make oatmeal. If you do feel the need to have some sugar, try using a little bit of honey, or dry fruits, and use less and less each time. Low sugar fruits like strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries are a good choice to substitute for sugar.

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