Cheese High in Vitamin B12

Written by Daisy Whitbread, MScN
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Cheese High in Vitamin B12

Cheese, in addition to being a good vegetarian source of protein, is also a great natural source of vitamin B12 for vegetarians.

Below is a list of 15 types of cheese ranked by their amount of vitamin B12. Whole milk Swiss Cheese provides the most B12 with 0.9μg (36% DV) per ounce. An ounce of cheese is equal to 28 grams or about a slice of cheese which is large enough to cover a piece of bread. Other cheese high in vitamin B12 includes Gjetost, Mozzarella, Tilsit, Feta, and Brie. For more information, see the article on natural vegetarian sources of vitamin B12, and the complete list of dairy foods high in vitamin B12.

Table of Cheese High in Vitamin B12

FoodServingVitamin B12
#1 Swiss Cheeseper oz36% DV
#2 Gjetostper oz29% DV
#3 Mozzarellaper oz27% DV
#4 Tilsitper oz25% DV
#5 Low Fat Cottage Cheeseper 4oz (1/2 cup)22% DV
#6 Fetaper oz20% DV
#7 Brieper oz20% DV
#8 Gruyereper oz19% DV
#9 Goudaper oz18% DV
#10 Ricottaper 1/2 cup18% DV
#11 Provoloneper oz17% DV
#12 Grated Parmesanper oz17% DV
#13 Blue Cheeseper oz14% DV
#14 Romanoper oz13% DV
#15 Cheddar Cheeseper oz13% DV

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Data Sources and References

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