Top 10 High Fat Foods to Avoid

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Top 10 High Fat Foods to Avoid

Fat is an essential macronutrient with many important functions, including helping us absorb vitamins, and acting as an energy store. (1)

While there are healthy sources of fat you should be eating, all the foods on this list should be avoided, or at least limited to a very occasional treat.

Each gram of fat contains 9 calories, making it the most calorie-dense nutrient, and eating too much can lead to weight gain. (2,3)

The foods on this list contain unhealthy sources of fats, to be avoided or at least limited to a very occasional treat.

Of all the fats listed below, trans-fats are the most damaging to health and should be avoided. Read ingredient labels and avoid any trans or partially hydrogenated fats or oils. (4,5)

High-fat foods to avoid include fast foods, whipped cream, fatty meats, fried foods, fatty snacks, processed meats, desserts, fatty salad dressings, animal fats, and trans-fats. The daily value (DV) for fat is 78 grams per day. (6)

For information on healthy fats, see the articles on healthy high fat foods and foods high in omega 3 fats.

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