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Top 10 Foods Highest in Galactose

Written by Daisy Whitbread, MScN
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Top 10 Foods Highest in Galactose

Galactose is a simple sugar crucial for metabolism and energy delivery in the body. It is particularly important in early human development. (1)

Compared with glucose and fructose, galactose is not found in high quantities in any food.

Foods high in galactose include milk-based puddings, sweetened yogurt, cherries, honey, celery, kiwifruit, hamburgers (with condiments), plums, low-fat mozzarella, and avocados. (2)

List of Foods High in Galactose

Dulce De Leche

#1: Dulce De Leche

Galactose per CupGalactose per 100g
Source: Nutrition Facts for Dulce De Leche
A cup of yogurt

#2: Low-Fat Greek Yogurt

Galactose per 7oz ContainerGalactose per 100g
Source: Nutrition Facts for Lowfat Greek Yogurt

#3: Cherries

Galactose per CupGalactose per 100g
Source: Nutrition Facts for Cherries (Sweet)
A spoon of honey

#4: Honey

Galactose per TblspGalactose per 100g
Source: Nutrition Facts for Honey
Stalks of Celery

#5: Celery

Galactose per Cup RawGalactose per 100g
Source: Nutrition Facts for Celery
Slices of kiwifruit

#6: Kiwifruit

Galactose per CupGalactose per 100g
Source: Nutrition Facts for Kiwifruit
A Hamburger

#7: Hamburger with Condiments

Galactose per BurgerGalactose per 100g
Source: Nutrition Facts for Hamburger; Double Large Patty; With Condiments Vegetables And Mayonnaise

#8: Plums

Galactose per CupGalactose per 100g
Source: Nutrition Facts for Plums

#9: Low-Fat Mozzarella

Galactose per OunceGalactose per 100g
Source: Nutrition Facts for Mozzarella (Hard And Lowfat)
Half an avocado

#10: Avocados

Galactose per AvocadoGalactose per 100g
Source: Nutrition Facts for Avocados

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